CCMC Hospital Volunteers met June 4, 2019 in the hospital cafeteria meeting room. President Strong called the meeting to order. Nancy Reynolds read the minutes of the May meeting and Gerald Reynolds gave the Treasurer’s report. Volunteer hours for DeLeon were 73 and Comanche 75.

The annual fundraiser at Cook’s Fish Barn has been set for Veteran’s Day, November 11th. The Health Fair was held May 9th and Ruby Dupre, Peggie Penn and Judy Sadberry worked the sign in table.

The food distribution was held May 23rd and volunteers assisting were: Jerry Morgan, Sheri Morgan, John Weaver, Geneva Weaver, Gerald Reynolds, Nancy Reynolds, Rich Lows, Rita Lows and Heather Armstrong. The next food distribution is scheduled for June 27th.

Collective Goods sale(formerly Book Fair) is scheduled for June 20 and 21, 2019.

CEO Dr. Troxell gave a comprehensive report on the status of the hospital.

Faulty cell service has now been fixed.

The hospital is now doing home visits when needed.

The hospital now has a Chaplain ministry in place.

New beds and mattresses have been installed including a new surgery bed. New 3D mammogram and ultrasound machines are now in use. The hospital has upgraded the parking and signage but has future goals regarding infrastructure.

The Pharmacy set a new record and is working to put in place a new drug program designed to benefit hospitals in controlling prices.

Dr. Troxell stressed our hospital continues to increase its scope of services and is capable of doing really good things here without people having to go out of town.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 2, 2019. Meeting adjourned. Members present were: Trevlin Strong, Bob Pratt, Bob Wall, Chris Ayers, Peggie Penn, Mary Hays, Judy Sadberry, Ruby Dupre, Nancy Reynolds, Gerald Reynolds, Geneva Weaver, John Weaver and Jerry Morgan.

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