The Democrats of Comanche County met online on Monday, July 20, 2020 with Clayton Tucker, candidate for the Texas Senate, District 24. Tucker is a fifth-generation Texan, who grew up on a ranch and now lives in Lampasas.

Clayton Tucker knows plenty about education, because he was a kindergarten teacher for many years. He is passionate about public education because, he says, "Public schools can't turn anyone away." Tucker reminded attendees that today, we are educating students who will grow up to be in charge of keeping the country going, including future doctors and engineers.

Tucker told a story of fellow teachers who were married. They had a baby, and the mother wanted to stay home and raise their child for three years. They budgeted carefully, and the couple was able to do this on the husband's teacher salary. Tucker revealed that he was teaching in Taiwan at the time, where teachers are well-paid. "I want better pay for our teachers," he concluded.

On his return to Texas, Tucker was all set to start work as a middle school teacher. Instead he was swept into politics, working with Jim Hightower, who was Texas Agriculture Commissioner from 1983-91. Their main concern was bringing better healthcare to Texans.

Meeting attendees took this opportunity to tell Tucker about our excellent Comanche County Medical Center. He was pleased to hear it. Tucker said that if Texas would join the Medicare expansion effort, Comanche County would undoubtedly save money. By increasing the number of insured people, Medicare expansion reduces the amount that county and state governments pay for people who need medical care, but cannot pay the bills.

Tucker wants every county to have its own hospital, so people won't have to drive so far for medical services. "We went to the moon and back in a spaceship dumber than our cellphones. We can do this!" he said.

Find out more about Clayton Tucker at or search "Clayton Tucker for Texas" on Facebook, where he holds FB-live sessions regularly.

Senate District 24, which stretches from Bandera County in the south to Taylor and Callahan Counties up north, including Bell, Blanco, Brown, Burnet, Callahan, Comanche, Coryell, Gillespie, Hamilton, Kerr, Lampasas, Llano, Mills, San Saba, and parts of Travis Counties. The Senator of our district must represent a wide range of incomes and lifestyles, and balance the needs of rural, urban, and suburban constituents.

The Democrats of Comanche County will meet again on August 6, 2020, with candidate Jon Mark Hogg. Please contact for more information.

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