Dr. J.D. Sheffield has filed for re-election to the Texas House in 2020, earning the endorsement of Governor Greg Abbott in the Republican Primary. Sheffield recently concluded another successful session as one of the most productive legislators at the Capitol. During his fourth term, he authored or sponsored 30 bills that passed into law and lent his name to another 20.

Governor Abbott applauded Dr. Sheffield’s work on behalf of rural Texas, saying, “I’m proud to endorse Rep. J.D. Sheffield for re-election. J.D. is a strong conservative leader who worked for rural Texans to rein in property taxes, increase teacher pay, and improve Texas schools.”

Governor Abbott’s endorsement was echoed by Rep. DeWayne Burns, Vice Chairman of the Rural Caucus and graduate of Tarleton State University, saying, “with so much of the state being urban now, we have to fight to make sure rural interests are represented. Dr. Sheffield’s calm and soft-spoken demeanor have a big impact for rural Texas at the Capitol. He is widely respected, effective at passing legislation, and relied upon not only by the communities of his district but by all of rural Texas.”

Among Sheffield’s legislative accomplishments are major priorities for rural Texans and taxpayers, including co-authoring the constitutional amendment to ban a state income tax, which voters approved this November. Rep. Sheffield also served as a state budget writer where he successfully fought for $32 million more for schools in our house district and passed school finance reform that gives rural schools their fair share.

Rep. Sheffield’s legislative victories also include passing a new $5 billion property tax cut and conservative property tax reforms, securing over $800 million to upgrade border security, a ban on sanctuary cities in Texas, and supporting legislation for the open carry of firearms.

A pro-life physician, Dr. Sheffield jointly authored Gov. Abbott’s pro-life priority legislation and eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood from the state budget. On the local level, Dr. Sheffield is working to keep rural hospitals open and bring more doctors to rural communities.

“Rural Texas faces a critical moment this next session as the legislature redraws house district lines. With all of the population growth in our state’s urban areas, rural house districts are at risk for being drawn together with fast-growing suburbs, and several rural-only state house districts could be completely eliminated. I will use my seniority to protect our communities and rural representation, and keep up the fight for rural Texas,” said Sheffield.

Doug Svien of Stephenville echoed the importance of re-electing Dr. Sheffield, saying, “he is a respected and effective voice at the Capitol. His thoughtful approach and ability to solve problems have achieved victories for rural values time and time again. We need him now more than ever to protect rural districts and make sure rural Texans keep their representation at the Capitol.”

Dr. Sheffield and his wife, Janice, reside in Gatesville and are members of the First Baptist Church.

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