Eight new gun laws went into effect in Texas September 1, 2019. The laws, passed in May and June of this year by the Texas Legislature, ease restrictions on guns, allowing them to be carried in places of worship, during disasters and in rented and leased property.

The following are the new laws:

Senate Bill 535 – allows Texans to carry guns in churches, synagogues and other places of worship, unless otherwise banned by those places with proper signage.

Senate Bill 741 – Prohibits property owners’ associations from banning storage of guns in rental properties.

House Bill 121 – Provides a legal defense for licensed handgun owners who unknowingly enter an establishment that bans firearms as long as they leave when asked.

House Bill 302 – Prohibits landlords from banning renters and their guests from carrying firearms in lease arrangements.

House Bill 1387 – Loosens restrictions on the number of school marshals who can carry guns at public and private schools in Texas.

House Bill 1177 – Allows Texans to carry handguns without a license during a state of disaster.

House Bill 1143 – Prohibits school districts from banning licensed gun owners from storing guns and ammunition in their vehicles in parking lots.

House Bill 2363 – Allows certain foster homes to store guns and ammunition in a locked location.

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