Brenda Dickey , District Clerk, was presented with the following fourteen indictments returned by the Comanche County Grand Jury on October 1, 2019:

Bailey Banda, De Leon, TX, possession of controlled substance, methamphetamine

Jennifer Marie Carlisle, De Leon, TX, interference with child custody

Alfred Eugene Derrington, Sidney, TX, failure to comply with sex offender registration

Toby Clint Hight, De Leon, TX, criminal mischief

Natalie Miranda Pyburn, Comanche, TX, possession of controlled substance, methamphetamine

Leola Deshae Garbaro, Early, TX, forgery financial instrument

Anson Innocecio Lopez, Comanche, TX, possession of controlled substance w/intent to deliver

Jose Leonardo Frausto, Comanche, TX, tamper/fabricate physical evidence w/intent to impair

Mario Gonzalez Frausto, Comanche, TX, forgery financial statement

Jose Antonio Olguin Martin, Brownwood, TX, assault family violence impede breath

Beriberto Noguez-Herrera, Comanche, TX, aggravated assault w/deadly weapon

Aaron Wesley Smith, Dublin, TX, possession controlled substance, methamphetamine

Kristopher Richard Zarate, Dublin, TX, tamper/fabricate evidence w/intent to impair

Michael Shane Tucker, Comanche, TX, evading motor fuel tax

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