Submitted by Janet Garner

A new non-profit group has recently been formed in Comanche called “Gateway of Hope Comanche.” This is an organization that has been created to help save the lives of unborn babies and their mothers.

Gateway of Hope is a faith-based Maternity Home that will equip young women to choose life for their babies over abortion. Not only is there a safe and nurturing home for expectant mothers to live in but classes are planned to help with education and life skills. Some of the classes that are being planned include: furthering education (G.E.D. or help getting started in college,) parenting classes, child development, health and safety, personal finance, career development, resume writing and discipleship classes, etc.

There has been huge positive responses from individuals in the community that have heard about this new organization. Many people are heartbroken over the loss of the lives of unborn children with no real way to help. But now, there is a tangible way to help provide an alternative path for a young pregnant woman to keep her baby or give it up for adoption instead of abortion.

This is a big undertaking but saving the lives of babies and helping to put these mothers on a successful path for a positive future is so rewarding. Our motto is: “Saving Lives for the Glory of God”.

Gateway of Hope Comanche will be privately funded (with no governmental influence or financial help). We have received an initial $50,000 from an unnamed donor (who has requested that we raise matching funds.) Since this is privately funded, there are fundraisers being planned at the present time, the first of which is “The Baby Bottle Drive” fundraiser. This is a very simple, yet effective way of raising money for the maternity home. Empty baby bottles will be given out at churches and in the community to take home where families will fill with their loose change, dollar bills or checks and return to Gateway of Hope. Be on the lookout for opportunities where you too can serve or give to help save the lives of babies.

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