By Bradley Wilkerson

Several grape vineyards in Comanche County have finished harvesting and some are just beginning.

Cockrell Vineyards northwest of Comanche off of TX Hwy 36 NW has just finished harvesting their Tempranillo grapes. Craig Cockrell said they are of good quality and the wine made from these grapes will be their estate wine. They battled some deer problems just before harvest but with the help of friends and family, they completed the Tempranillo harvest.

Brennan Vineyards in Comanche has finished their harvest of the Viognier grapes in the Comanche and Newburg vineyards and are getting started on the rest of the varieties.

With their mature grape vines they are able to pick the grapes with a mechanical grape harvester seen on the right at one of their vineyards.

I remember those summers coming back from college and picking and pruning the vines by hand. But I wised up and found other summer jobs in Lubbock or took summer classes. Times have changed. Blue’s Vineyard in Newburg has several varieties of grapes as well including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sangiovese and Viognier, and sell to Silver Spur Winery in Hico. Also Gatewood Estate Vineyards of Dublin, Texas and Comanche County sell to Silver Spur Winery and others around Texas.

Another newer vineyard in Comanche County is the Salt & Light Vineyard located north west of Comanche is growing. They have 5,200 vines and are currently growing, Tempranillo, Aglianico, and Mourvedre wine grapes. They plan to expand the vineyard in 2019-20 with white grape varieties. A cluster of their Tempranillo grapes can be seen on the right.

More and more grape vineyards are popping up in Comanche County and the surrounding area. Lucky Vines Vineyard and Winery in Dublin and Spirit of Texas Winery in Early and Red Wing Dove in Hamilton are just a few of the wineries surrounding Comanche County.

With characteristics from both the South Plains and Texas Hill Country, Comanche County has become an ideal place for growing grape vines.

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