Comanche City Council meeting

(May 15, Comanche, Texas) After a City of Comanche City Council meeting was held, newly elected councilmember Robert Cobb declined the position. Around 1:30 p.m. Jim Winkelmann, City of Comanche Administrator came into The Chief's office and discouragingly announced that Robert Cobb had declined to accept his newly elected position on the City of Comanche Council.

Esmeralda Cumba was second in the election and should be sworn in. Russell Johnson came in third and it is unclear at that moment if he will be sworn in or if another election will have to be held. In the May 6 Local Election there were 2 City of Comanche Councilmember spots open in the election. The top 2 with the most votes were to be sworn in as new City of Comanche Councilmembers.

With Cobb declining the position more than likely Johnson and Cumba will be sworn in. Both were incumbents already serving two years on the City of Comanche Council.

Cobb called the City of Comanche Mayor, Mary Boyd and said that he would be unable to attend the city council meeting on May 15. And then before the meeting was to begin he stated that he was going to decline accepting the newly elected position.

Then the city council scrambled and called representatives in Austin. The Austin representatives had to scramble as well stating that this is a rare occurrence and had to find the proper paperwork.

The City of Comanche Council will now have to make an addendum and convene at a later date to fill the City of Comanche Councilmember spots. But again more than likely the incumbents Cumba and Russell will be sworn in to fill the councilmember positions.

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