Robert Tucker, a Comanche citizen, is announcing his Congressional bid for TX House District 11.

Running as a Republican, Mr. Tucker’s campaign emphasizes supporting teachers and administrators in Texas’s educational system, minimizing the federal government’s overreach in Texas’s agricultural sector, and embracing the development of Texan energy production.

Mr. Tucker is a well-established business professional, having worked as an aircraft mechanic and operated_ two successful small businesses before his transition into local politics.

In addition to these professional skills an qualifications, Robert Tucker has a storied history of service, having served our country in the military, served his community as the pastor of a small-town church, and served the public as a paramedic.

If you would like to learn more about the Tucker campaign, you can reach them on Facebook

@RobertTuckerDl1 or roberttuckerforuscongress.com.

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