U.S. Congressman pfluger visits comanche: Texas Farm Bureau host U.S. Congressman August Pfluger in Comanche

On July 7 the area Texas Farm Bureau hosted a round table discussion with our area U.S. Congressman, August Pfluger. Many of the Texas Farm Bureau area board members were present along with a few farmers and ranchers. There was a good turnout on hand at the Comanche Community Center and great discussion was had as well, along with a tasty barbecue sandwich to fill the lunch time appetites.

After the food was handed out, the Texas Farm Bureau officials welcomed the special guests of the afternoon, the Pfluger girls, pictured in front of their dad in the middle above.

Also representing Comanche County were Texas Farm Bureau Board members Jessica Richmond, Keith Mcllvain.

Next August Pfluger got up to the podium to talk. He first spoke about the disconnect between Republicans and Democrats in regard to agriculture. He had some interesting stories, one of which he was explaining to some of his Democratic constituents about helping a new born foal walk after birth. And another about pulling calves. Some of his Democratic constituents just could not understand this.

Then he talked about two of the committees that he serves on, Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security, and how both of these are beneficial to the agriculture areas, by the means of trade and taxes.

Then he spoke of some of the damaging bills the Biden administration are trying to pass that will benefit the Urban areas and hurt the rural areas. He spoke of how some of these damaging bills came about just because of the hatred toward Donald Trump. Some of the bills will cause damage to national security the most. Pfluger said he will work on strengthening our nation security and be less dependent on China.

He also spoke of how many less sessions there have been during this congressional year, which could be a good thing because the Democrats did not have as many opportunities to pass damaging bills.

The need for border security is changing the tide on some border towns.

A republican Mayor was voted in McAllen, Texas for the first time in a decade.

Election integrity needs to on state level not nationalized.

Abbot has his own plan for Border Security.

Pfluger was on the border a few weeks ago with President Trump. During his trip at around midnight he counted about 200 illegal immigrants crossing the border in just a few minutes.

The cartels are smart and use kids as decoys then smuggle in others. They just leave the kids alone for days, then when officials come to help the kids, they sneak other illegals in.

Pfluger spoke of anti-tunneling plan and using technology to help secure border.

Pfluger in his first 6 months has challenged an New York representative to come to the border with him. They have declined and say the border is fine.

He said the problems facing our shortage with agriculture equipment and chemicals, supply chain issues is mainly political. He stated this is what socialism looks like.

Pluger stated big problem to defund police and military and he does not support this.

The only reason the big companies support these agendas is for the tax breaks.

Pluger ended the afternoon by thanking the barbecue caters and his staff.

His staff members present were Preston Howey of Midland who has family ties in Brownwood. “Preston will advise on some of the most important issues facing our region, including agriculture, immigration, resources and water, taxes and more,” Pfluger stated in a news release. “His years of legislative experience in the Texas delegation and personal connection to the district will be invaluable as we work to advocate on behalf of the good people in the 11th district of Texas.”

Also present were Hilary Stegemoller who is the Regional Director at the Brownwood Office and has been there since 2009 while working as the Regional Director for former U.S. congressman Mike Conaway.

His final statement was pray for our President and our country.

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