The Comanche City Council met for a regular session on Monday, August 12. After the roll call, Pledge of Allegiance, and prayer giving by Dr. Van Christian, pastor of Comanche First Baptist Church, a special award presentation was made.

Brownwood Assistant Police Chief James Fuller and Lieutenant Troy Carroll presented Bruce Bradshaw, Comanche Police Chief and the entire Comanche Police Department with the Texas Police Chief’s Recognition Program Certificate. Assistant Police Chief, Fuller spoke about this high honor. Only 168 Texas law enforcement departments have achieved the special recognition. This was a rigorous two year process that the Comanche Police Department went through to achieve this award and complete the Best Practices giving by the Texas Police Chief’s Recognition Program.

Chief Bradshaw thanked Assistant Police Chief Kelly Davis who was instrumental in getting this program accomplished and the entire Comanche Police Department officers and staff for their help. He gave Davis and each officer and staff a special uniform pin in recognition of this honor that the department received.

Mary Boyd, Mayor of Comanche thanked Chief Bradshaw, the officers, Chief Fuller, and Lieutenant Carroll from Brownwood.

Next Jim Winklemann spoke of the Strategic Plan for the City of Comanche. The Strategic Plan subcommittee has been working for two months and have come up with many brainstorming ideas.

Winklemann talked about the public works on the importance of roads and budgeting for the department. Other ideas he talked about were improving parking and use of technology around the Comanche Square.

Next he talked about the two most important revenue streams for Comanche which include taxes from Single Family Homes and commercial properties. Since 2014 the revenue increases from SFH is only .4% and the commercial properties have only shown gains by 1%.

He explained how a new housing program would be beneficial for the City of Comanche and abatements for vacant lots in the city.

Jackie Stewart, Interim City Administration said that the city is looking into this and has already started acquiring vacant lots at a faster pace.

Winkelmann then stated how a tax relief for new houses would help and Jeffrey Jacinto, Mayor Pro-Tem spoke of updating zoning ordinances and bringing in housing sub divisions.

After correcting some minor mistakes in the previous city council minutes the meeting turned to the department head reports. Nothing new to report in most of the departments except for the Animal Shelter and the Municipal Court.

It was stated that the temperatures at the Comanche Animal Shelter are under control. And it turns out that some of the revenue figures are not coinciding with some municipal court cases and traffic violations documented by the police department. There is some back log and dockets that have not been entered. Both departments are working to even up the revenue figures.

The council voted to accept the terms of the Comanche County Medical Clinic employment payment agreement for medical care. No discussion was made on the Comanche Economic Development Council baorad appointments. The council received the bids for the banking financial services for the city and will talk more about that during the special budget meeting on Thursday, August 15 at 6:00 p.m. at the Comanche EDC building on 115 W. Grand.

During the other business agenda Kristi Taylor with Revitalize Comanche talked about the Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant they received for an updated walking trail at the Comanche City Park. The original boy scout trail will be updated with native grasses along the route with signs explaining what the native plants are and how they were used during the Native American and frontier times. There will be a map at the entrance of the trail and QR codes will be used to help educate the visitors along the 1.3 mile trail. Revitalize will be working with the Comanche Youth Council and Park Enhancement Group during this project.

The grant is for four years, so exciting thing will be happening at the City Park.

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