On a wall in the Comanche County Historical Museum the story of the Captain James and Susannah Cunningham family is told in the following series of pictures. It is an amazing story of a family legacy.

1) Captain James and Susannah are pictured about 1870 having settled in the Newburg area of Comanche County about 1854.

2) The next picture shows the twelve grown children of James and Susannah on the porch at the old homestead in 1889 at the first reunion.

3) The next picture shows about 150 family members under the oak trees at the reunion grounds in 1922.

4) The next picture shows approximately 500 descendants in 1989 at the 100th reunion! What a legacy in pictures!

This past weekend, the family members gathered again at the reunion grounds near Mercer Creek. There were 207 attendees present. The highlights this year included an opportunity to visit the Comanche County Historical Museum for Kid’s Day Events on Saturday afternoon in air conditioned comfort! Then all trooped out to the reunion grounds for a hot dog supper. As the temperature cooled off and the sun went down, family members were entertained under the pavilion by an impromptu jazz session of family musicians.

Sunday, after a cowboy breakfast, family members were able to tour the homestead at Mountain Creek and then return to a business meeting followed by a great barbeque lunch! This year Uncle Jim’s family had the most in attendance with 37! The family member traveling the farthest was Carol Otto from Uncle Joe’s family came from Minneapolis, Minnesota! Our oldest attendee was Linda Rippetoe from Uncle Aaron’s family at a mere 96 years of age! Our youngest attendee – 4 weeks old - was Phillip Cardwell from Uncle Bill’s family! His parents are Philip and Shelby Cardwell of Weatherford. A great time of friendship and family was enjoyed by all.

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