sand hill

The Texas Historical Commission has recognized Sand Hill Cemetery as a significant part of Texas history by awarding it a Texas Historic Cemetery Designation. The designation honors Sand Hill Cemetery as an important and educational part of Comanche County history.

Raburn Scott purchased a quarter o section of land from the Houston ad Texas Central Railroad in Comanche County on 6 February 1875. Family history included the story of why he decided to donate land for a cemetery which is typical of many older rural cemetery stories. A family was camping along the creek when one of the family members died. This person was buried up from the creek by the family members, marking the grave with rocks. Raburn Scott decided to designate two acres as a cemetery to be used by the community. However, it was not officially deeded off his land until 27 November 1901; he specified that the land was given to the Sand Hill Community for grave yard and church house for the “purpose of all religious denominations free to preach there when not in conflict with other appointments”. The earliest marked burial is that of Joseph Land who died 18 April 1875. This cemetery is the resting place for 10 Civil War veterans, 3 WW I veterans, 16 WW II veterans, 4 Korean Conflict veterans and 2 Vietnam veterans. Sand Hill Cemetery also includes family names such as Tennison, Bingham, Horton, Scott, Fenwick, Fraley, Dabney, Andress, Welch, Sanders and Robertson to name a few. The cemetery is maintained by the Sand Hill Cemetery Association and funded by donations. The local contact for the cemetery is Jimmie Frank.

This designation was due to the efforts of the Comanche County Historical Commission. Rose Taylor is the Historical Marker Chairman who prepares the Historical Designation applications and the Historical Marker applications for the county. Fain McDaniel is Chairman of the Comanche County Historical Commission which is composed of members from the different areas of the county.

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