U.S. Congressman Roger Williams representing the 25th District of Texas was in Comanche

U.S. Congressman Roger Williams representing the 25th District of Texas was in Comanche on Tuesday, November 9

Congressman Williams visited Comanche on Tuesday, November 9 at the Comanche Depot on 302 S. Austin St. The meet and greet was sponsored by the Comanche County Republican Party.

He visited Comanche because of the redistricting that was recently passed which will bring his 25th district to Comanche County in January 2023.

Congressman Williams is an ex Major League Baseball player and current auto dealer with Roger Williams Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram housed in Weatherford, Texas.

Williams is no stranger to the county either, he currently has a cattle ranch located near Gustine. And he is often in the area at least twice a month.

Congressman Williams won the 25th District in 2012 and ran because he thought congress needed more business minded politicians. He won the race with his tax cut campaign. He is also a big believer in quality education and conservative judges.

And now his biggest goals are to secure the border and get the U.S. economy back on track. Congressman Williams wants to help Americas future and relies on the Bible to help him be a better congressman.

Congressman Williams was also a childhood friend of former Comanche City Secretary, Bill Flannery. They were second grade friends and played little league baseball in Fort Worth.

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