Snow began falling in Comanche County on Valentine's Day afternoon on February 14.

Then came the bone chilling cold early Monday morning on February 15, 2021. Temperatures reached single digits. This caused some power outages in a few county areas. And the temperatures did not let up and Tuesday morning still had temperatures in the single digits.

This led to more county wide outages and the Comanche Square was shut down Tuesday morning.

Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC made this statement on their website. Due to ongoing record-low temperatures and generation, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has continued to direct Oncor and utilities across the state to drop power load through maintained controlled outages. These controlled outages are occurring across the state and the entire Oncor service territory. Oncor was able to rotate some outages overnight, but poor grid conditions have continued to prevent us and other utilities from rotating, or rolling, the entirety of these outages, leading to extended periods without power for many of our customers. At this time, ERCOT is unable to predict when grid conditions will stabilize, and urge all customers to be prepared for extended outages to continue. We also urge customers to prioritize the safety of themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors. Many local counties have also opened warming stations or shelters, which can be located online or by calling 211.

The electricity came back on around the Comanche Square a little after noon on Tuesday. And around 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, February 16, Oncor reported 1,700 customers affected by the power outages with 84 outages. This affected around 4,800 individuals using Oncor power at that moment.

The rolling power outages also affected the Comanche Electric Cooperative. They called the phone numbers on their accounts informing people that they were about to de-energize their service.

Also with the power outages people soon realized that gasoline would be a priority. And lines quickly formed at some local Comanche gas stations.

Also on Monday the City of Comanche Waste Water Plant was not operational and the city asked home owners and businesses to conserve water. Rolling outages continued through Wednesday.

Above Proctor Lake is mostly frozen. The record low for Comanche County was recorded at Proctor Lake on December 23, 1989. That Christmas season saw real temperatures drop to -8 degrees below 0. We got close this year with temperatures reaching zero and the windchill reaching -11 below zero.

The record for a number of days at or below 32 degress at the lake is 51 days.

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