For most of us in the City of Comanche and for some outside the city limits, who have never experienced not having clean, running water in our homes, the result of a main water line break due to maintenance workers last Monday, August 19, 2019, was a sudden reminder of the incredible inconvenience, not to mention the importance to life itself, the lack of good, safe water supply in the city is in our everyday lives.

In this serious situation, citizens in Comanche were told not to drink the water once it was turned on, not to flush their toilets (or use another water source to fill the toilet tank) or take a bath in it, unless it was a quick shower. To add to the disaster, once the main water line was fixed, the pressure was such that other lines around the city were broken. Comanche ISD was cancelled for one day, as well as some restaurants and other businesses were closed. Bottled water was made available, large containers of water for cooking purposes, and hand sanitizer was made available at all schools. On the positive side, Comanche ISD superintendent Gary Speegle stated this was a situation in which a good lesson in water conservation was learned. Inmates in the County Jail were moved to the Earth County Jail.

Fortunately and thankfully, our elected officials, emergency personnel, organizations, including the First Baptist Church’s shower trailer, and citizen volunteers, stepped up immediately during this emergency situation in a most efficient and professional manner. The City’s Emergency Management Plan worked beautifully. No doubt, all the above trained officials knew what to do during an emergency situation.

Within a short time, there was a huge supply of bottled water, water particularly for babies, as well as adults, a large water truck, ice, and over twenty porta pottys available on the north side of the Comanche County Courthouse. There was a steady line of locals who took advantage of all the above for almost a week, and on Friday, August 23 about midday, the Boil Water Notice was cancelled.

Some wise person or persons once said, there will come a day when water is more valuable than oil. Now, we in the City of Comanche, believe that to be very true!

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