From Comanche County Sheriff’s Office

On Wednesday June 17th, 2020 the Comanche County Sheriff’s Office was contacted about information involving a welfare check involving a mother and daughter on NW 36 near the Eastland County Line. The mother went to Rising Star and was assessed and treated for mental health. The mother claimed that her daughter was setting under a tree in Comanche County but could not give location or description. Deputies searched the area and were unable to locate or obtain any other information. On June 18th a resident in the Stagg Creek area contacted the Sheriff’s Office about an unknown female in the area. Workers in the area saw the female near a county road and went to get water and when returned the female was gone. Over the weekend Deputies searched the area’s vacant buildings and weekend properties and talked to neighbors and landowners in the area.

On Monday morning June 22nd Deputy located significant evidence that the female was still in the area and staying in the woods. A perimeter was established around the area. Texas Parks and Wildlife K-9 search teams were contacted and a local helicopter was contacted. An aerial search of the area was conducted and scent dogs tracked the area. By dark the area was searched and exhausted. TPWD Game Wardens brought a Drone with Thermal imagery to the area. The search area was expanded and called off due to weather.

The last area the female known to be is an area of woods near the 1500 Blk of CR 113 and Stagg Creek. The female is identified as Lisha Lawrence, 41 of Tucson, Arizona, and reported to be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Ms. Lawrence has no known ties to Comanche County and very little information is known about her. She has been entered as a missing person with information shared with surrounding agencies.

The Sheriff’s Office has increased patrol in the Stagg Creek area and request that property owners check their property and especially those that have hunting cabins and weekend houses. Because we know little about Ms. Lawrance, citizens in the area should be conscience of their surroundings, observe and report sightings or suspicious activity. The Comanche County Sheriff’s Office would like to express gratitude to Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens, AW Industries (helicopter), and property owners that provided assistance and brought food to the search crew.

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