See Your Mail Before It Arrives

Your smartphone can now show you what mail you’re getting before it’s delivered. (NAPS)

(NAPSI)—If you’re traveling, expecting an important letter, worried about mail theft or just too curious to wait until the mail arrives, this can be your red-letter day, thanks to a free feature from the United States Postal Service.

Informed Delivery lets you know what is coming anytime, anywhere on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Informed Delivery allows you to see digital images of incoming mail. It lets you automatically track packages you are expecting through email and text alerts so you don’t need to enter any tracking numbers. The feature allows you to enter delivery instructions for your mail carrier as well.

How It Works

The United States Postal Service digitally images the front of letters that run through its automation equipment. Using those images, it can send you digital notification of your mail every morning, before it is delivered to your home or office. That lets you take any necessary action even before important items reach the mailbox—and makes sure you know what is supposed to be in your mailbox after delivery.

What You Get

The notifications you receive are of images of the address side of incoming letters. The images are also accessible on the Informed Delivery dashboard at For items with USPS Tracking, users will be able to view delivery status of packages, provide USPS delivery instructions, manage their notifications, and schedule redelivery from the dashboard. Most USPS domestic packages tied to the address associated with a USPS account will be automatically available on the Informed Delivery dashboard. You can also get USPS Tracking updates for incoming packages via separate email or text notifications. The dashboard displays mail piece images for seven days, while package information will display for 15 days after each package has been delivered. You can opt in for email or text notifications with status updates for incoming packages, too.

Learn More

For further information and to sign up, go to

clicktotweet “A free mail notification feature from the United States Postal Service, called Informed Delivery, lets you sign up to see images of incoming mail before it’s delivered.

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