Comanche Mercantile/ Windmill

Sometimes things happen in our lives that are totally unexpected and this past week was full of those events for me. Thursday was one of those days. The day was full of chores for the Museum and the Mercantile. Mid afternoon I began painting the Mother’s Day banner for the Museum. Before I realized it was past closing time and the work crew had left. Then I realized I was left without a ride and no key to the front door. Also, my phone was not allowing any calls, only emergency. So, what to do? I decided I would sit on one of the outside benches and catch a ride but I would have to send for a key to lock the front door behind me before I could leave. So I went to the bench. Sitting there an hour plus I saw no one to wave to a halt. Believe me when I say I was beginning to feel desperate. There were many driving by but I knew none of them. Comanche has lots of people I really do not really know now! Finally I began to realize I had to establish a new plan or plan to sleep at the Mercantile! So, I prepared to call emergency services even though I felt guilty occupying the phone line with my dilemma. So, I bravely called 911 and immediately they answered to rescue a damsel in distress! The dispatcher sent an officer, Justin. Justin was new to the force of 4 months. He did reveal that he had always wanted to be a law officer. Well, I can tell you, he had a wonderful manner for serving the public. He made the decision immediately to see me home. Just as we started to get in the vehicle it began raining. We were soaked but he never faulted and safely delivered me home. So, me big thanks this week to our local police and especially officer Justin.

Now, don’t forget the Mother’s Day lunch at the Museum. The menu sounds yummy.

Thirdly today, but not last. The Mercantile is extending to the back. There will be more fabrics some home accessories and some repurposed furniture. There will be signs to let you know when we are open in the back. You will enter through the front as usual. Come see us at the ever changing Comanche Mercantile.

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