By Museum Musing Missy’s Fill In Beth Martin

A day at the museum by Beth Martin: Today was my first day to “keep” the Comanche County Historical Museum. Usually the museum hostess is our secretary Susan Luker but due to Covid-19, Susan is not allowed to work. So, the museum board is stepping up by volunteering so that the museum can be open.

The hosts all wear masks and our visitors are asked to mask up also. There are not many visitors, but every visitor is unique and makes opening up the museum worthwhile!

Today, a Friday in July, was one of those unique days. A couple from Flower Mound were our first visitors, having called the day before to see if the museum would be open. The Millers were en route to a small community near Marfa and had plotted out stops on the way. The Museum in Comanche was one of their stops. They highly complimented the museum and dropped a nice donation into the donation jar.

Our next visitors swung open the door with a big smile. Dee Wilson’s grandson along with his three daughters had come to visit the Museum from Crowley, Texas. The family viewed the windmill that memorializes Dee Wilson. We reminisced about Dee, his blue overalls, his smile, his loaded down truck, stops at Sligers Fruit Stand, his loyalty to his family. The three granddaughters were friendly, appeared creative and artsy and loved the variety of the museum. Each granddaughter left with a souvenir set of arrowheads planning to make a necklace to wear. All four of these family pledged to return another day to explore more of their native land. They also dropped too generous donation in the collection jar and I imagined a big smile on Dee’s face. It was a great day at the Museum!

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