When Sisters on the Fly are in town, Comanche is alive and rocking! There they were fewer than last year due to COVID but still enough to be living it up in Comanche. Many of the Sisters were repeats from years before. Several shared that Comanche was a favorite camping site due to the good folks that offered such warm hospitality.

Paula Stephens heads up the welcoming committee making sure that activities are abundant. The Comanche County Historical Museum welcomed Sisters with a wine tasting and other refreshments served from the museum’s saloon. Board member Lee White and volunteer Nancy Isham dressed the part of a saloon folks in old time Comanche! The Sisters roamed the museum and all the artifacts displayed.

A pleasant surprise was the granddaughter of Fisher and Mary Lou Reese. She asked if anyone remembered them, and we shared memories of the Reese’s selling butane from their west end of town location. I shared that we lived on 11th Street and shared the Reese’s storm cellar many times during my childhood. The granddaughter lives in Midland and travels frequently with the Sisters on the Fly. One Sister traveled from Arizona and loves Comanche so much that she has decided to explore living here in the future. She called a local realtor and has begun the search for a home here! Her family sister joined in the group and she is from Ohio, both are repeat visitors.

Other activities were a style show, a tour of winery, exhibiting the vintage trailers in historic downtown, a special breakfast served at Comanche Mercantile by Nancy Isham and an awards dinner at Wisteria Place. Local volunteer Nancy Isham was recognized as an exceptional volunteer at the dinner!

The Sisters are lots of fun to visit with but also bring a large revenue to Comanche. They love to shop, buy food at local restaurants and the grocery stores and purchase gasoline. We appreciate their yearly visit and look forward to their return in 2022.

The Mercantile continues to collect new items from its many artisans of particular interest is the new collection of colorful metal outdoor bugs, birds and fun things. Come visit The Mercantile. The Sisters loved it. So will you!

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