Am I alone and thinking this spring/ summer is different, not like those in the past years? Normally we would already have been dealing with heated days. Today was one of the first that I really notice the heat and we are in June!

Be prepared for a new look in the Mercantile South window, a bright colored display of Revitalize Comanche’s three faces. This new display will reflect our story, but it serves another purpose-- reflecting heat from that oven of a window. Cody Johnson, a great worker, has calked those giant pieces of glass and now, this week, we plan to erect our new display. So, be sure to look and let us know what you think.

Progress is popping up in the Mercantile with the completion of Homestead Hall for rental availability. The hall has a large full functioning kitchen that is available for cooking a complete array of refreshments or just the equipment of a caterers’ kitchen. The meeting and or dining area, over 1000 square feet, is ready for showers, reunions, receptions and a variety of community events. Chairs and tables are available for use also. The fees are based on the planned use and time dedicated to the rental. There are restrooms and designated rest areas ready for all varieties of events. If you or a group you are representing are interested in using Homestead Hall, please come see us at the main counter or call Beth at 325-356-0037 for other information. Our weekends are filling up, think and plan to use this wonderful new space in Comanche.

Another reminder, to local artisans, it’s time to start planning for seasonal sales. So get those creative juices flowing and the unique art pieces turning from artistic hands and imaginations. Fall and Christmas of 2021 are being predicted as lively as folks are looking to shop the rural areas for those one-of-a-kind creations. We host approximately 45 vendors and are always looking for more talent. If you have not visited our store, please add your talents to our collection. We would love to jury some new vendors and products.

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