Comanche Mercantile, Revitalize Comanche and Comanche Market will be hosting a Sip and Shop with vendors and an Open House at Comanche Mercantile on Saturday, December 11, 2021! Comanche Mercantile will have an Open House that day. Take a step back in time at the Comanche Mercantile! Homestead Hall (inside Comanche Mercantile) will be full of vendors so you can “shop small” and “shop local.” No worries about supply chain here- artisans and vendors are local and are very grateful for your patronage!

Last Saturday ended another great week in Comanche that ended with a day at the Comanche Museum’s Christmas Party! All of you that did not come missed a wonderful time. The band that is so faithful to always perform, the Class of ‘57, performed Christmas carols, old classics and great pop tunes. These band members are makers of fun music and like to have fun themselves. Just great guys. Guests to the museum not only were musically entertained but saw the museum as they munched on refreshments provided by some great folks in our fair city and board members-- all refreshments were delicious! The great finale came with an auction of items-- an annual fundraiser for the museum. This year was unique. Not only did we offer bidding on baked goods but added a basket of homemade salsa and chips plus a package of 4 T-bone steaks! The museum appreciates all of the donors both of items and bids as a way of supporting the museum. The museum is blessed with so many supportive friends.

The Mercantile is now on full Christmas mode. Our vendors have outdone themselves making irresistible wares. If you have a person on your list that is difficult to shop for, look at the Mercantile. For men there are great handmade knives, barbecue tools with horn handles and other unique items. For the gals there is lots of handmade pottery, beautiful wood cutting boards, soaps and such unique jewelry. You have to see it for yourself.

Comanche has surely come a long way. As I drove through our sunset that evening and saw the square so lit up! Downtown was alive with strolling and driving visitors. It made me so proud. Stone Eagles’ doors were open and folks were having a good time inside that great building. All restaurants around the square were busy serving dinners to locals and travelers alike. Old Cora is dressed in garland and bows to match the courthouse.

Comanche is so blessed to have wonderful businesses but most of all great people. And as we all are blessed the claim Texas as our own. So, as we speed towards 2022, let’s all remember to pray frequently for God bless Texas and God bless us all!

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