By Serina Wells, Intern

Well folks we’re getting down to the wire now for this Christmas season. It is actually this Friday! It is hard to believe. I am just excited because, well not to brag (okay maybe to brag a little bit) I got some pretty great gifts my family is going to love, so I am excited to see their reactions. I also caught “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” by Michael Bublé this morning on the radio so I am feeling Christmasy.

In honor of the Christmas spirit, I feel that it is only fair for us to don our Santa hats, elf shoes and the ugliest sweaters we can possibly find (bonus points if it lights up) so we can keep as many fun little traditions alive as possible. Plus, we are having some cooler weather now, so we won’t completely melt like a snowman in those sweaters. And remember that there is so much fun and joy that can come out of this little holiday despite all the hustle and bustle, and even despite 2020 itself. There is all of the beautiful decorations that people worked so hard to put up for such a short period of time, the little nip in the air reminding us that it is indeed winter and kids jumping for joy because they are out of school for the holidays. No matter where you look, if you look hard enough, you can see a little bit of Christmas spirit coming out and about.

I know this year has been difficult, and that is an understatement, but there has been some good mixed in there too. I know for me personally this year I have been brought closer to my family and my perspective on things has changed a lot, which I am utterly grateful for. Take time this Christmas to look around and find as much good as you can and know that there is still little drops of good everywhere you look, kind of like that Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas everyone and as always, stay safe!

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