By Christine Tandy Perkins

The Comanche Indian football season has come to an end for the 2020 Comanche Indians due to a loss to City View Wichita Falls on Friday night, November 13, 2020.

Comanche Indian football is a battle on the gridiron between 22 players. But high school football, especially in Texas, is something more.

Comanche Indian Football is the camaraderie of a community coming together for one goal. It is a marching band bringing you their loud and boisterous tunes to inspire victory. It is the cheerleaders showing off their talented gymnastic moves. It is the sports booster moms and dads working in a concession stand. It is the coaches guiding and directing these young athletes to perform at their best.

Comanche Indian Football is the sports and athletic trainers keeping the players well and hydrated. It is the principals and teachers taking the money and working the crowd. It is the devoted fans that come to watch the Indians. It is the refs running and running and running.

Comanche Indian Football is the business that bought ads to support the team. It is the broadcasters sharing the plays and the color of the game. It is the elementary school age children donning their black and gold with pride. It is the photographers on the sideline documenting these moments in time.

From the Comanche Indian Mom’s Club social media page, “This group of mommas have loved, fed, cheered, cried, decorated, worked tirelessly and led by example. Our days as a football mom for our senior boys is done. Thank you, boys, for allowing us to be your mommas. Thank you for opportunity to support you and your teammates. The last six years have gone by in the blink of an eye. Moms of Fall Class of 2021 out. Always proud to be an Indian!”

The Comanche Indian Football community couldn’t agree more.

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