Comanche County Rehab Project is underway, and for the first time that I can remember, the temperature has been way below what all these volunteers have had to endure in the past. SO PROUD of these young volunteers and their adult leaders for the good they do every year for those that need a little helping hand!


The Rodeo and the Rodeo Parade were highly successful this year. What a great Comanche tradition that thanks to some dedicated volunteers, the Roping Club and the Chamber of Commerce, we can continue to enjoy this annual summer event. I’ve been going to the Rodeo since I was a little girl and still remember the yellow(?!) boots my dad bought for me at Or and Odessa’s Boot Shop. Of course, anybody my age remembers when the Brahman bull jumped the fence by the concession stand and it took a number of cowboys days to round him up!


The Summer Story Hour at the Comanche Public Library is now underway. Last Wednesday, there was a huge group of children enjoying stories, crafts and games. It’s every Wednesday in June from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. The theme this summer is “Blast Off!” Don’t miss the fun at the library!


One of my favorite magazines is the Texas Co-op Power. The June issue has a good article about drive-in theaters which brought back fond 1950s memories. Hope you can see the article, and then take in one of the few remaining drive-ins in the country. In Comanche County we had the Sun Drive-In on Highway 67/377 and the Weeping Oak in De Leon.


Jams in June is underway on the square every Thursday evening. Don’t miss this chance to hear live music and visiting with friends on the east side of the Courthouse. Bring your lawn chairs. This Thursday it’s featuring Kylie Rae Harris; last week, Triston Marez entertained the crowd.


This is Tuesday, and I’m already looking forward to the Dairy families’ Dairy Breakfast on Wednesday morning. It’s always de-e-e licious!

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