WOW, what a Pow Wow!

It appeared to me, who has been to every Comanche County Pow Wow since it began, except one year when I had a splitting headache, that the 2019 Pow Wow was possibly the best ever! There were lots of booths (food and crafts), many beautiful classic cars, with even a few old classic car aficionados had not ever seen, which included a rare 1949 Studebaker convertible. This show still ranks among the best and largest in the country, thanks to some really dedicated volunteers who have worked very hard to get it where it is today.

Hats off to the Comanche Chamber of Commerce and all the volunteers, young and old, who made the Pow Wow one of the best ever!

I did get my Chicken-on-a-Stick and it was finger-licking good!


Deer Season is officially open in Comanche County with the Bow Hunters (Sept. 28 – Nov. 1) sitting quietly in their stands and looking for the “big” one. According to my observation of deer in my front yard every morning, there must be an abundance of deer this year. Good luck, hunters.

Regular Deer Season opens here November 2 and runs through January 2. The Deer Hunters Chili Supper will be November 1. Early Youth Season starts October 26 to October 27. Late Youth Season is January 6 to January 19.

In Comanche County, you’re allowed four deer, no more than two bucks with one only with an inside spread of 13” or greater, and no more than two antlerless.


Waiting patiently (?) for Fall Weather . . .We’ve now lived through the hottest and driest September on record . . . and hopefully, according to the weatherman, possibly next week we’re going to get a break. Think rain!


For you genealogy enthusiasts, there is going to be what is being called a Genealogy Lock-In at Comanche Public Library on Friday, October 18, Call the library at 325-356-2122 to register. It starts at 10:00 a.m. and runs through 5:15 p.m. with a number of outstanding knowledgeable genealogists from all over the U.S. (See ad elsewhere in The Chief for more information.)


Regarding The Chief’s new outside box for Football Contest entries . . . we found three entries that had been dropped behind the box instead of in the box. Be sure when you’re putting your entry in the box to put in the slot.

The week of the September 20th contest, of the three entries, Carla Bragg only missed two games. The other two missed three games.


Don’t forget Farmer’s Market this Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

*************** THINK RAIN!

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