What a beautiful, sunny Sunday we had for Mother’s Day! We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Hope all you mothers were treated royally!


There are a number of area/school/community events coming soon, so it’s time to hang out our red, white and blue bunting to give the town a festive look. If you purchased bunting or were supplied some from the Chamber of Commerce last year, put it out, please. If you don’t have any, contact U-Name It on South Austin Street, behind Spirit of Texas Bank, and they’ll fix you up.

We’ve got Gustine Homecoming & Rodeo, school graduations starting this week, Boy Scouts putting out flags at the cemeteries in memory of our U.S. Veterans, Memorial Day Celebration at the High School (May 27), Handcuffs vs Hooligans re-scheduled for June 8 and also in the month of June, the Comanche Roping Club’s annual rodeo, followed by the Dairy Week. Whew! Did I leave anything out?!

So . . . let’s hang out the bunting and get these celebrations going!


We have been abundantly blessed with wonderful rain in the County and our lawns and wildflowers are growing by leaps and bounds, and I sincerely hope no one’s house got flooded. We had water in our home in 1987 and it’s a horrible ordeal! But, again, it was so nice to see sunshine on Mother’s Day.


The Chief’s 2019 Graduation Edition will be inserted in next week’s Chief. It makes a great keepsake for our area graduates and gives us all a chance to congratulate all our graduates on their accomplishments.

We’ve been out and about trying to contact businesses and individuals, and if we missed you for some reason, please give us a call 325-356-2636 or email to editor@thecomanchechief.com if you would like to put a congratulatory ad in the insert. We would need it by this Friday, May 17.


Last week was National Teacher’s Appreciation Week, and I made note that our family has had a good number of teachers through the years. Unfortunately, I inadvertently left out two outstanding teachers in the Wilkerson family . . . . the late J. C. Wilkerson, Sr., a Latin teacher in Comanche High School until he got into the newspaper business and his daughter, Nancy Wilkerson Barton, who taught journalism in Houston I.S.D. for many years.


Sorry we missed the Museum’s Mother’s Day Luncheon at Reunion Hall. I understand it was a packed crowd with the delicious homemade food we always enjoy.

Thank you to the Museum volunteers for all their work! I don’t know how they do it! We love our museum and are so proud of it!

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