One of my favorite magazines I get is the Texas Coop Power magazine, which is celebrating its 75th Anniversary (1944 – 2019). It has very interesting, informative, well-written articles (some written by Comanche’s Shirley Dukes) and good recipes, as well as always supporting farm and ranch families and the youth of our community since July of 1944. I learned in this month’s magazine that the founding father of this magazine, George Wilford Haggard, was born on a farm in Comanche County.


A word to the Wise: take your keys out of your vehicle, because there are thieves amongst us creeping around at night and looking for trouble. Luckily, our CPD, along with the Mesquite PD have caught one of them.


Our area students, teachers and coaches are already back into the new school year with football two-a-days, volleyball practice and band practice going strong.

But there are some fun events before we get down to the nitty-gritty of school, etc. Read more about these upcoming events in this week’s Chief ---- FFA Ice Cream Social, Kids Day at the Museum, and the Back-to-School Party at the Doctors Medical Center. And don’t forget, the City Pool is not closed yet. You can still swim on their regular weekly schedule, and then the pool will only be opened on the weekends until Labor Day.


If you choose not to pay Sales Tax, go shopping this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Midnight during the Texas Tax Holiday. It may not be a great savings, but a penny saved is a penny earned!


Our hearts and prayers are with the families and friends of the shooting victims in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio. It’s just unimaginable to be caught up in a horrific event such as these, an event that changed many lives forever.


Since the beginning of Comanche, Texas history, city leaders and business owners were striving to get shoppers to Shop Comanche! In 1969, the Chamber of Commerce and the radio station hosted “Crazy Daze.” (From The Comanche Chief, 1969) Crazy, crazy, crazy! Ain’t we got fun! Saturday we can forget all our inhibitions and come to town dressed in any get-up we want – the crazier the better.

A secret committee will be snooping around trying to find the craziest dressed woman and man in town. The Chamber of Commerce, who has gone crazy, too, will give both of them $7.50! How about that! John Slaughter and Elton McCullough went nuttier getting together the sale items that were sure to drive all shoppers crazy on Saturday.

Get on your mark and get set to go starting at the Service Drug Store and making it around the square. Here are just some of the wild things you can buy – first, get Gelusil tablets at ½ price at Service Drug. You are sure to need them as you will have indigestion after you get through chewing up these prices! At Harelik’s get two yards of material for a dollar. Stop at Barrick’s Jewelers and get 10 off on any wedding band. All crazy wives need two! Higginbotham’s selling one and one-half shoes! The Hub has sport shirts half price and Edmondson’s has ladies canvas shoes for only $1 a pair. We always knew Oree was crazy!

Jeanes Tru-Value has gone too crazy to mention. We never did think Medda too crazy, but brother, check Gibbs Gibson is so busy putting in his De Leon Ward’s Store that he is completely mad, mad! Just go in and see.

And now, we can settle the question. Who is the crazier, J. D. or Iris Walker? Go in Saturday to Walker’s Appliance and see. We even hate to mention the Fabric Center. Poor, poor Ben Evridge! He’s just naturally crazy! People off the square are krazy, coo-coo, ridiculous, too, or they would be on the square or would they? 30% off just about everything out at Frick’s, if you fill up. What, with, T. G.?

Hathcock thinks that Spanish recliners are for people to eat Spanish peanuts in! If you don’t want to recline, if you want to sit straight or rock for just $1, you can do either in a chair from Mc’s Trading Post.

Joe Tupin has been taking new tires off new cars and is just about giving them away! You can make coffee, cook or wash dishes for ridiculous prices on appliances from Sears.

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