School bells are ringing across the area, and we wish all the students and personnel the best school year ever! Don’t forget to drive cautiously through the school zones. As we all know, sometimes children are not paying attention when they cross the street!


As we all know, who have been around children any length of time, children say the darndest things! After all Art Linkletter made over $4 million on the sale of his 1957 book, “Kids Say the Darndest Things”.

Well, they’re still saying the darndest things! Recently when Caroline Bates, six-year-old granddaughter of Eugene and Pam Bates who was being interviewed for Little Miss De Leon competition at the De Leon Peach & Melon Festival was asked, “What do you love the most?” Caroline answered, “To be politically correct, I should say my family, but really what I love the most are the chicken strips and gravy from the Shoppin’ Baskit!” By the way, she was crowned Little Miss De Leon! Congratulations!

Parents and grandparents have heard our children and grandchildren say “the darndest things” and I think it’s fun to share them.

My granddaughter, Brooke, at the age of 3 or 4, introduced me to one of her friends,

“This is my grandmother who used to have red hair.” My granddaughter Kate introduced me to some of her friends at about that same age and said, “This is my grandmother and she has bugs in her house.” (The last time she had visited, when, at bedtime, she pulled back the covers, there was a dead cricket on the bed!) Caroline, at about 6 or 7 years of age, was in Sunday School at FUMC, and her teacher was teaching them about Noah and the Ark, and how the rainbow appeared, etc. Caroline raises her little hand and says, “How about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?” Her teacher replies, “Caroline, we believe that’s just an Irish legend.” Caroline replies, “I guess that story is in the Irish Bible.”


We attended both the Conaway and Buckingham town hall meetings. They were well attended, which is a good thing. We have lots of folks who are interested, want to be informed, and want their voices heard.


The Chief will be publishing the 2019-2020 Hunting Guide in the coming weeks, so we’ll be contacting some of you for ads, articles and photos. Please send us your hunting stories and photos. Email to or come by the office 203 W. Grand or mail to P.O. Box 927.

Visiting one of my friends this week, she informed me that she met her husband several decades ago due to hunting season here in Comanche County. He had come down from the Metroplex and met her as she waited tables at Jordan’s Steak House. Love that story!


We understand the Museum had a really good turnout of kids for Kids Day on Saturday with over 70 coming to our great museum. Lot of darling children running around! Thank you, Museum volunteers for all your hard work. Right before I left, Tommy Alford, Museum board member, said he wanted to show me something. Someone gave the Museum a watermelon slicer, and Tommy demonstrated what it could do. It’s amazing!

Congratulations to the Comanche and De Leon Museums, The Mercantile, The Soda Shop, and Revitalize Comanche. They all went together and entered a float in the Peach & Melon Festival that won First Place! Tommy Alford was on the float with the watermelon slicer, along with a lot of young people, all atop Bobby Lane’s decorated pickup.


Stay cool! Stay hydrated!

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