You may have noticed we’ve been in the process of updating the spine labels on our books. The most appreciated update is the change we are making to series books.

Rather than simply file these alphabetically, we now include the series title on the spine label and file them in series order. Many patrons have thanked us for this change, as it makes it much easier to know which book in the series to read next. We are making this change in our juvenile and young adult sections as well.

We appreciate those who have expressed their thanks, as it lets us know we’ve been successful in creating a more user-friendly atmosphere in your library!

For our young (and not-so-young) adults, Beverly Lewis presents a heart-warming read in SummerHill Secrets, volume 2 (YA LEW #2 SUMMERHILL SECRETS). This volume contains four adventures of Merry Hanson, a 14 year-old Amish girl who experiences triumphs and trials, forbidden activities and surprising secrets, mishaps and friendships. Through it all, she discovers who she can be in God’s eyes.

Hey, John Grisham fans, we have his latest book, Sooley (F GRI). This one, though highly praised, takes you to a different kind of court than his usual legal suspense – this one takes you onto the basketball court (did you know the author played basketball in high school?) While Samuel Sooleyman, a.k.a. Sooley, comes to the U.S. with his South Sudanese teammates to play in a basketball tournament. While here, he receives news that his home village has been ransacked due to civil war. His father is dead, his sister is missing, his mother and two younger brothers are in a refugee camp. As it is impossible to go home, he accepts a basketball scholarship. Desperate to succeed and bring his family to America, he practices tirelessly and begins to dominate in the game. When a star player is injured and Sooley gets the opportunity to play, the legend begins. But will he be successful enough to make a difference and save his family?

In Hearts Reunited, book 6 in the Hearts of Amish Country series (F #6 HEARTS OF AMISH COUNTRY) Rose leaves the Englischer life she has chosen to return to her Amish home to help care for her ailing father. While there, she becomes re-acquainted with Jonathan Fisher, who is now a widower with three young children. While he appreciates her help with the children, he resents her for leaving. Courage and forgiveness are both needed when old feelings resurface.

As one critic put it, Mary Kay Andrews is summer-beach-read royalty! In this one, The Newcomer (F AND), Letty finds her sister Tanya dead in her townhouse. She is certain Tanya’s ex is guilty, so she takes her sister’s Mercedes, a bag of cash, grabs her 4 year old niece and runs. She ends up in a mom-and-pop motel in a Florida beach town. This is the winter home of a close-knit group of retiree’s and they look on this newcomer with suspicion and hostility. Letty settles in to nurture her niece while dodging attention from the motel owner’s son, Joe, who just happens to be a local police detective. With secrets of her own, will a relationship with Joe put her in jeopardy and land her in jail? Fans of Elin Hilderbrand and Kristy Woodson will want to read this book.

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