My family and I had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and weekend. Some family members came over to our house on Thanksgiving eve and we ate some smoked salmon and tenderloin with some peel and eat shrimp. Then on Thanksgiving we had even more family show up to our house, only 30 people and 4 dogs.

Everybody helped finish off cooking the plates of food while other watched some NFL football. Around noon we all gathered around some long tables and enjoyed our fabulous feast.

After the Thanksgiving lunch most of us gathered to watch the Dallas Cowboys football game. How about those Dallas Cowboys, just when you think they are done, they are now leading the division.

Luckily most stuck around for the evening second helping of the feast and more football watching.

On Friday after a long nap it was onto to Southlake, Texas to pick up my brother-in-law for the big Comanche Indians football game. It was a beautiful drive up Hwy. 377 with the cross timbers trees finally turning to their elaborate fall colors. The game was exciting and the throng of Comanche supporters that drove up were not disappointed.

After a light lunch finally avoiding Thanksgiving left overs it was onto the Southlake versus Desoto high school football game. Many Southlake fans were nervous about the game and the high skilled Desoto athletes that were being recruited by some major teams. But Southlake jumped out to a big lead and never looked back beating Desoto handily.

After the Southlake game most of my sister’s and her husband’s friends were going to a bar to watch the Texas A&M versus LSU football game. That was quite a game as well.

After LSU intercepted a pass that we thought ended the game we headed to the parking lot. But one of their friends a huge Aggie fan stopped us and said there was still time left. We watched the TV just outside of the parking lot as the Aggies tied the game and were heading into overtime. Then we headed to a neighbor’s house to watch the overtime series. An amazing seven overtime series later the Aggies finally prevailed as the victors in what would be the most points scored in a NCAA football game.

My cousin Erin was at the game, but her baby sitter could not stay any longer and she had to leave the game after the third overtime. I bet she is kicking herself now but she was in bind and there was nothing else to do but go home to her kids.

I am sorry I missed all the excitement here in Comanche over the weekend, it sounds like it was a great turn out for this awesome town.

Well I am still eating left overs, I bet I ate nearly 50,000 calories over the Thanksgiving weekend but the food was and still is pretty good.

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