Our thanks to all of our friends who visited with us, ate a wonderful Mother’s Day Lunch and made donations to the Museum.

We had a wonderful day, and I got to visit with a number of favorite people. Too many to list by name. I enjoyed those days of getting ready for the luncheon, the working together, slicing and dicing, cutting up bell peppers, onions, celery, and all of the other chores, and believe you me, we had a good time.

The Reunion Center was wonderful, and we appreciate Mary Boyd so much in her kindness in letting us use the building. Parking was easy and the Reunion Center was so nice; it was a pleasure setting up the tables, chairs, and don’t you think the tables were so pretty?

Our next project at the Museum will be the furnishing of a room to be our kitchen. Thanks to Beth Martin and others, plans are already in place to re-work this room, complete with stoves, fridges, and sinks. Just watch us roll. We have a great group of hard workers at the Museum, as with all operations of this kind, we are always on the move. Drawing up plans, talking and considering this and that.

I think we had a wonderful display about mothers at the Museum. I can remember so well seeing my mother working, hanging up washing, sprinkling down the ironing, making jelly, canning fruits and vegetables. I remember so well looking at the jars down in the cellar and I did understand that each jar meant a good meal. That was jars that, with a good pan of cornbread or a pan of biscuits, would make us a good meal. That was money that we did not have to spend in town for food.

It took me several years in my young life to understand that working people living in town, with no garden, might be just using their salary that they earned to buy them food; whereas country people, living in the country, with big gardens, and fruit trees, just went out and picked their lunch and supper. Yes, I was a slow learner, but I did understand this.

Thanks for letting me rattle on about my memory of life in the country and eating “green”.

Come to see us, we are open Wednesday thru Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We are the Comanche Historical Museum and we are located at 402 Moorman Road here in Comanche. Our phone number is 325.356.5115, and our mailing address is PO Box 22, Comanche, Texas 76442.

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