Good afternoon, from the COMANCHE HISTORICAL MUSEUM. Yes, this is a very windy day, and I guess that is what we have to put up with at this time of the year in Texas.

I am still working on early day schools in Comanche County. I am till using Edward Isham’s information on schools. The last two weeks, I quoted from Edward’s memories of Pettit High School. The names that I listed as being from Pettit schools, started with the first grade and then on up.

A student listed as being from the Pettit school was Winnie Mae Hall Johnson.

Winnie Mae really helped me with early-day histories. She told me the story of the last graduating class from Pettit High School. I have racked my brain to try to remember all of this. She said that GEORGE WILLIS was their superintendent, and he saw to it that the last senior class went out in style. They all had caps and gowns, senior rings and a senior trip. Now, Mr. George Willis, being the wonderful man that he was, took the senior class, with Winnie Maw as one of the students, took all of them to Austin, Texas for their senior trip. Not a student has been out of town on a major trip like this. They went to Austin, Texas, and not a one of them had been to a city like Austin before. They toured the State Capitol, still a beautiful building, and well worth a day spent there. I wish I could remember all that she told me, but I am sure that none of those seniors ever forgot this trip.

Let me tell you what we have been doing at the Museum. We repaired the facade roofline of the front of our building. You will notice some new boards have been added.

We have installed a new gate to our property. This is on the south entrance, and we are waiting for new signs to come in to be set up. This will be off of Highway 377 on the frontage road, on the south side of Bayer Motor Company property.

Our good friend, Don Rogers, has brought us an antique corn sheller. This had been used by his father’s side of the family.

A new addition to our artifacts is a fan from the County Centennial July 1956. This was donated by Beth Fairbrother, on behalf of Sherrie And Martin Stringer, March 27, 2021.

Also, we have received a wonderful collection from Mr. Tim Wrigley of Richardson Texas. These are items that he used in the early 2000s when he was associated with the Comanche County Sheriff’s Office.

This has made a wonderful display added to our lawmen’s items on the front of our great room.

Later, Missy Cox Jones

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