It is a little cloudy outside, maybe that will mean rain. Hey, I am a country girl, always thinking of rain.

I want to talk again about missing out and not getting to visit with visitors. Of course, just as I happen to be out one day, there are people coming especially to the Museum to visit with me, and I do apologize for not being here.

One visitor in particular, JANET MEYERS THOMAS from Eastland. She and her husband have been long-time supporters of our Museum, and we do appreciate both of them so much. Sorry I didn’t get to visit with her.

Another visitor that I missed was LAURA CONNER KESTNER. We have been friends for a long time, and the last that I remembered, she was associated with THE DE LEON FREE PRESS. Now she is an award winning author! She came to the Museum, bringing me an autographed copy of a book that she wrote “REMEMBER TEXAS”. In 2016 this novel was the winner of the RWA (Romance Writers of America) Sara Emma Merritt award for inspirational romance.

She is also winner of writing awards in 2017and 2018. This book “REMEMBER TEXAS” is a wonderful book, with a great story and also great characters. Our state has a great history, and I enjoy everything I can read about TEXAS.

This is such a great book. When I picked it up at the Museum, as soon as I got home I started reading it, and when I finished it, I started again at the front of the book. Wonderful story, and wonderful characters. Yes, I do enjoy early Texas books, and this fits the bill completely. I have tried to reach her by phone, but I keep missing her. And Laura, I am an old proof reader at heart. And believe me, I didn’t find one error in your book.

We have lots of things going on at the Museum. Come by to visit with us. You will be surprised at our changes to our building arrangement and our displays.

A last note, we had several visitors with names of RATLIFF. They were not wanting to see me, but I will mention now that my great great grandmother, ARENNA RATLIFF COX (married to ANDREW J. COX) died in 1855, on a wagon trip from East Texas to Comanche area, not even a county at that time. Her family came from ARKANSAS. More on this later, and I have a printout of some of her family that I will mail out to the RATLIFF family that visited the Museum. Just give me a little time to do this.

Missy Cox Jones.

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