We had a couple of special visits during the last few weeks. Thanks to Nancy Wilkerson for bringing her two nieces, Rachel and Emily Durham to visit the museum last week. The old one room schoolhouse was their all-time favorite! Also, the Nuce family of the Hazel Dell Community visited the museum. Pictured are Westyn Nuce, Stephanie Nuce and Ted Nuce, a former World Champion PRCA Rodeo Cowboy.

With all the excitement out at the Comanche County Livestock Barn with the show last weekend, I have been thinking of our growing up on the farm.

I remember our farm when I was a young girl. This was on what was known as ‘The McCullough Place”. This was to the north of highway 36 between Gustine and Comanche in Comanche County, Texas. Daddy had bought this place and I just loved living there. Our house faced the west and we had a long porch across the front of the house. My sister Maxine remembers a large lilac bush in the yard, but I can’t remember that. I read in a gardening magazine that lilacs wouldn’t grow in Texas, but there are lots of lilacs still growing and blooming at abandoned home sites here in Central Texas.

Our barn and horse lot was behind the house on the south east and north east of the yard. We had a tank for watering the livestock. I remember that we had some ducks, and when the tank was frozen Daddy would take an axe and cut a hole in the ice for the livestock to drink. And, when the ducks came out to the frozen tank, they set down on their fat bottoms and slid all over the ice.

Daddy had the cow lot and the horse lot fenced with wood; I think that he said that it was “rawhide lumber”. Daddy made a wide gate for the horse lot. This was made from a better grade of lumber than the “rawhide lumber”. Maxine and I would swing on that when he wasn’t looking.

Daddy had a cow for milk, and I remember standing close to him when he milked, and how sweet the cow’s breath smelled and how pretty her eyes and eyelashes were. I think she was a jersey cow.

More next week about our farm! Please come visit us on Wednesday through Saturday at the Comanche County Historical Museum! You will see ag implements and the like from the old time days of farming in Comanche County!

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