Greetings from the Comanche County Historical Museum. Hello and it is trying to rain a little outside, that is okay because I am a country girl and I drip-dry pretty good.

Last week I wrote about 1912, the year that my parents, Will Cox and Minnie Steward married. I wrote about the fact that my Daddy went in the buggy and picked up my mother and they went to Gustine and the Methodist minister married them. All of my Daddy’s family was at his parents’ house, they all had a great lunch, and also my Daddy had contacted a photographer in Comanche. He came out in his buggy bringing his big camera, and after lunch they all went down east of my grandparents house and took this wonderful group picture.

Let me tell you about the family members who were there that day. My Daddy had six brothers, they and their wives and children will start this off:

# 1. Hill Cox and his wife, Ola Vinson Cox. He is seated and standing beside her daddy is their oldest child, Rena. When she grew up, she married a man named Hilton Burks. Uncle Hill is holding a baby of several months old. Her name is Lucille and she married a man from Gustine named Arthur Adcock. Their son and my first cousin is Harold Dene Adcock. He and his wife Laura live here and are volunteers here at the Museum.

# 2. Henry Cox born in 1894. He served in the Army in WW I, Company F, 360 Infantry. While serving in France, he was seriously injured in battle. He suffered a head wound, and also a bad injury, a piece of shrapnel hit his neck on the right side. He did survive this and returned home to his family.

# 3 Robert Cox born in 1876. He was married to Bessie Crabb in the picture. After her death, he married a woman from Gustine, Hortense Thomas, my aunt “Tennie”. They had a wonderful daughter named Robertene, called to this day “Robbie”. Her husband is Max Reed. Robbie was and is a beautiful woman.

# 4 Berl Cox married to Beaulah Calloway. They have four little girls pictured in the wedding grouping, and I can’t remember the children’s names.

# 5 Joe Cox married Melinda Barker in Comanche County. They have two children at the time of the picture, a boy named Dee and a girl named Lois.

My Daddy’ sister is Renier. Her husband was Columbus Davis. This is Aunt Renier and Uncle Lum. They have two boys, J. C. and Neill.

My Daddy’s other sister was “Ellen”. Her husband Elmer Weidner is in the picture. They married in 1900 and in 1906 was expecting a baby. Uncle Elmer had talked to the Doctor in Dublin. Yes, he would come to the house for the delivery, and Ellen wanted to come to see her parents one time before the baby came. They came in the Buggy and going home, she went into labor. The Doctor came to the house, but he could do nothing for her. My Mother said that Grandma Cox thought if she could get to Ellen that she could do something to help her, and they almost killed a good horse, hooked to the buggy. There was nothing anyone could do to help Ellen, she died and the baby was dead. Uncle Elmer was always considered a member of the Cox family and is at the wedding of my parents in 1912.

Aunt Bobbie Johnson was the sister to my Grandmother, Mary Jane Johnson Cox. She never married and lived with them. My sister, Geneva, born in 1919, said that Aunt Bobbie was a beautiful woman, and loved all of the kids and they all loved her.

This is the story of the wedding day of my parents. One other thing. My Mother loved to tell this story. She said after lunch and the picture taking, all of these people came back to the house, put on their old clothes, hitched up the wagons and went and camped for about 4 or 5 days below Gustine, at the South Leon River.

Mama and Daddy honeymooned at the home place.


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