Good morning from the Comanche County Historical Museum. Yes, I understand that when this paper is published, Father’s Day will be over. I do have a display in our great room on a table, with a large picture of my daddy, William Cornelius “Will” Cox, my mother Minnie Steward Cox, my brother Wilburn Cox, born in 1915, and my sister, Geneva Cox, born in 1919.

Along with the picture is a collection of paper receipts and other items that they had kept through the years. I have all of these items in a scrapbook, because they were important to me to keep because they had kept them.

The earliest dated receipt is a poll tax that my daddy had paid in 1903, when he was 21 years old.

I also know the words to the song “Silver Haired Daddy of Mine”. I can sing this for you if you want me to. If I am not at the museum, just have our excellent receptionist, Susan, give me a ringy ding on the phone and I will come right out to the museum. This song was very popular about 1930 or 1940, and I think that Gene Autry sang this in an old black and white movie.

Also, I have let D-Day pass us by without a mention in my column. I have the history of service in the US Navy of my dear cousin, William Vernon Cox. This is titled “My Hitch in The Navy”. He served on the mine-sweeper, YMS #356. When he was about 80 years old, he sat down and wrote all of this out with pencil on lined paper. I typed this up for him. I have a copy of his writing here at the museum. He said the night before d-day, on june 5, 1944, they were sweeping at Omaha Beach, and when the moon was shining through the trees, they could see church steeples, and houses on the French coast.

We do not need to forget these brave men who hit the beaches, all in the name of freedom. This was the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. I was delighted to see President Trump, many other dignitaries and many French civilians taking part in honoring these men and this date.

Our museum will be open as usual on July 4th (10 a.m. To 4 p.m.) Bring your visiting kids and grandkids to see us.

Thank you, Missy Cox Jones

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