Let’s talk about our beautiful Comanche City Park. In honor of the locale of the Comanche County Pow-Wow,” I looked around at the beautiful trees at our City Park, at the beautiful walkways and the driveways, and I thought ‘how lucky Comanche is to have this park!” And, it is right alongside of a historic Creek, INDIAN CREEK. I want school children to understand that this name INDIAN CREEK was given to this creek, because our history tells of the stories of real INDIANS riding through this creek and these are true stories.

Comanche is fortunate to have this. I wondered how many acres this park covered, and I asked Jacci Stewart. She later emailed me that it covered 50.03 acres. This covers the ball fields, the parking lot, the swimming pool area, the area to the south of the park that is set aside for RV parking and our actual park.

I remember when I was a child we would go to LAKE EANES for family reunions and such. Now, my sister Maxine and I thought we were going on a long trip. Now, it takes about 5 minutes to drive out to that area. But at that time, we thought it was a long way off. We would have family reunions out there, and there was beautiful old trees, with swings on them, a natural swimming pool, an area with long picnic tables with benches attached. Our family reunions, our mother and all of the aunts would cook their very best dishes and cakes and pies. When we were kids, I can remember all of the family meeting there, this was in the early days of WW II, and the Army camp was at Brownwood and there was always lots of service men out there. They were just lonely guys a long way from home.

Speaking of the long tables where we set to eat at, they were all painted white with names along the side, “THE SMITH FAMILY, THIRD SUNDAY IN JULY” This told everyone they were free to use this table, but on the third Sunday in July, the Smith family would be there and would be using this table for THEIR family reunion.

I can see my mother and her family. This is the STEWARD FAMILY. We have always said that we were all “LAUGHERS, HUGGERS, KISSERS AND CRYERS”. Yes, they were a loving family, and they would be so happy to see each other, they WOULD be laughing, hugging, kissing and crying. We knew we were loved by everyone coming to this reunion. And they always sized us all up, saying, “How much you have grown since last year”.

Back to our beautiful city park. Yes, children are building memories each time they go out there. One day, recently, for lunch, I took a sandwich and a Dr. Pepper for lunch, parked by one of the pavilions, and ate my lunch. To the south of the park, along the RV parking area, there were two RV’s parked. While I was sitting there, three big deer came up out of the creek area, and they were standing looking at me, and I set and looked at them. They were doing the same thing they ancestor families did, they were in the creek area, and came up out of the creek. They were not afraid of me, and we both had a good time. They were there as long as I set and ate my lunch.

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