Remember when?

By Serina Wells, Intern, The Comanche Chief

I have been feeling a tad sentimental lately, which is caused by my brother and his family coming around more often. You see, they live all of five miles away from my house, yet we would only see them maybe once every two months or on big important holidays or birthdays. Lately we have been able to see them more often and I believe we have come to an agreement of getting together to have supper once a month. Similar to that of the Gilmore Girls, if you do not know what that is then disregard, if you do what that is then copper boom.

The funny thing about sentimentality, or any emotion really, is how it bleeds over into other parts of your life. The other day at the Chief a man came in to buy a paper and another walked in to drop off his football contest, as it turned out these two were old friends that had not seen each other in quite some time. They talked for a minute and I heard quite a few “Remember when…?” while they were getting caught up with one another like we all do when we run into an old friend. This event also occurred once again later in the week between another couple of friends. It just made me smile and feel all those warm and fuzzy tingles seeing people bump into one another here at the Chief.

It means a lot to have small hometown places where friends can get together and talk about anything under the sun, whether it be a long-lost friend, or one you see everyday over a cup of coffee.

Now if you read my article last week then you can probably guess I am going to tie this into Thanksgiving one way or another, I will start Christmas themes when its December.

Who are some of your old friends that you haven’t seen or talked to in a while? The ones that were there for you when no one else was, or ones that got you out of trouble, or perhaps the ones that got into the trouble with you?

Whoever they are and wherever they may be, give them a call this Thanksgiving just to catch up for a bit and throw in a few of your own “Remember when…?” to reminisce about the good ole days. The holidays are the season sentimentality after all.

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