“My policy for everything is to always listen to people because they have so much that they can teach you. Everybody knows something that you don’t. And I always like to follow my policy of listening. It’s kind of my golden rule.”

Caleb Lewis is a junior at Highland Park High School in Dallas. He’s in the National Honor Society and takes advanced classes in Physics, English and French. He’s looking forward to college but hasn’t decided on a major.

“Engineering is one possibility, more specifically Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering. Then there’s political science and astrophysics. I’ve got a lot on my mind. I also need to find something that’s going to pay well as a career. There are plenty of things that would be fun to learn but couldn’t really get you anywhere financially.”

Caleb spent this past summer working at a tennis center taking care of customers at the counter and heading up the tennis camp for kids. He was on last year’s tennis team that won state. A few months ago when he was fifteen, Caleb built a computer.

“I had a computer and it wasn’t working right. I didn’t like it, so I decided to build myself a computer. I learned how to do it and built a computer. It’s very fast and looks great.”

Caleb found building computers fun. He has built 3 of them.

“The first one took 8 hours to build. The second one took 3 and a half hours and the third one took an hour and a half.”

He got his parts from Amazon.

“Amazon has nearly everything these days, so I got everything I needed there: the central processing unit, the memory, the graphics card, the case, the mother board and the power supply. You can add whatever you want from there. Picking out the parts is harder than building the actual computer.”

He learned how to put the parts together by watching Utube.

“YouTube is a great source for education. I learned a lot from different people on there. It’s very straightforward. All you need is a screwdriver to put everything together. You have to pay attention to what you’re doing. One little mistake can wreck the whole project. I tried to avoid those mistakes. There are certain rules to follow and you need to research them if you’re going to build a computer.”

I asked Caleb if he plans to build more computers.

“Absolutely. I’d like to build a laptop for college. It’d be very hard to do but I’m curious to see if I could do it. I’ve only built desktop computers so far. If someone needs a laptop, I’d love to build it for him or her. It would really be fun.”

Caleb Lewis happens to be my grandson. He’s a sharp cookie.

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