We can see the light at the end of the 2020 tunnel! We are all praying for light in 2021. Everyday the t.v. news seems so negative and sometimes downright hopeless. But, Revitalize Comanche would like to challenge the precious citizens of Comanche to never give up hope. If you visit the Comanche Museum you see that we come from sturdy stock. Settlers arrived ready for a new life and withstood lots of events to get us to where we are. Indians were fought in order to protect families and homes. Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped but survived to be the mother of one of the last Comanche Indian Chiefs. World War II is recalled through the life of a citizen that survived the sinking of a ship and swimming for days in shark filled waters. One of our old teachers grandmother was a P.O.W. during the Civil War at age nine, surviving to marry and come live in Sidney, Texas.

I believe Comanche folk are brave and heroic as well as the new people moving to Comanche County. We must keep our heads up and keep the faith that we will make it through this time too. There are families experiencing sadness, grief and heartache and they need the rest of us to lean on right now. We are a community of strength and love.

So, this holiday lets reach out around us and pull together to offer solace, strength, and the just pure love and kindness. Recall the past of this county and the past practice of reaching out to our neighbors when times are tough. Many of us are old neighbors but we want to also reach out to our new neighbors and show that Comanche County is one of the best places in the world and our wealth lies in the hearts of our citizens, both old and new. Love your neighbors and from Revitalize Comanche, Comanche Mercantile, The Soda Shop have a peaceful, safe and loving New Year. God bless us one and all. And God Bless Texas.

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