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Good morning, Comanche! Today I want to give you more details about our upcoming annual Genealogy Workshop event on Friday, October 21, which is hosted by Waco-McLennan County Library, Central Texas Genealogical Society, Texas State Genealogical Society, and the Genealogy Network of Texas.

Topics to be included are “Deciphering Handwriting in Genealogical Records” - this intermediate skill is essential when deciphering records, “Improve, Expand, and Enrich Your Family Tree With Tax Records” - this beginner skill will help you break through some genealogical brick walls, “Choosing Genealogy Services and Software” - this intermediate skill presentation will talk about online genealogical services, genetic DNA testing services, and family tree software providers, “Building and Researching Your Family Tree” - this is a beginner skill and will give you some basic concepts to help you get started, “Citing Sources Without Stressing Out” - This is another beginner skill that you’ll learn to do without stressing out, “Making the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center Your Research Assistant” -

Also for beginners, this presentation will offer a close-up of a great resource, “How to Approach and Solve Brick Wall Problems with DNA” - This presentation for intermediate genealogists will teach you to evaluate your brick wall problems and get through them, “United States Migration Patterns: Why They Left, Where They Went, and the Stories They Left Behind” - Another intermediate presentation that will provide a broad overview of migration time periods.

We will be launching our Genealogy Club at this meeting, so if you plan to become a budding genealogist, this is your moment to grow! Stop by to register for both events and we’ll see you at the library!

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