Gosh, here it is, 2021!? Let’s hope that it will be a kinder, gentler year than 2020 was. For those of you who were sick, the Library wishes you good health in 2021. For those who lost loved one, we extend our deepest sympathies. In the spirit of love and thankfulness, we hope that everyone has a better year in 2021.

Tammy, Deborah and I are here to serve you in 2021 with new and old book friends, both in print and AUCD. Tammy and Deborah are busy relabeling and numbering books that are in series format while I have been busy trying to get some things all organized. We have five public access computers that are available for you to use and of course, the WiFi is always on and is accessible from outside the Library if you would rather not come inside.

The Library still requires you to wear a face covering while you are inside.

Onward to the books available for checkout!! I think Dean Koontz is an acquired taste, I have read several of his Odd Thomas books and we have “Elsewhere” (F LP KOO) in large print. It is the story of Jeffy Coltrane who is trying to have a normal life with his daughter Amity. However, when ‘Spooky Ed’ (a local eccentric) asks him to hide a strange object and tells him to NEVER use it, you know strange things will happen. After all, it is a Dean Koontz book. That should be enough to whet your curiosity to come check it out.

I don’t know why I even try to review a Stuart Woods’ Stone Barrington novel. Suffice it to say, a new one is here: “Shakeup” (F WOO) #55 in the series. Stone is more than ready to rise to the occasion and overcome his foes.

Jeffrey Archer’s second Detective William Warwick novel is here: “Hidden in Plain Sight” (F LP ARC #2). Warwick has been reassigned (along with his

team) to the drug squad and tasked with taking down Khalil Rashidi, a notorious bad drug dealer. Rashidi has an organization like none they have ever seen but Warwick is not to be defeated.

Sophie Kinsella is such a lighthearted, funny writer. Her books are not filled with heartbreak and angst, but with sweetness and romance. In “Love Your Life” (F LP KIN), Ava thinks that you should find love in the real world, not in an app. So, after a breakup, she puts love on hold and escapes to a writer’s retreat in Italy. At said retreat, one must take a pseudonym, so “Aria” meets “Dutch” and embark on a whirlwind romance.

Alas, real world beckons and back to London, they must go. But not all is lost in a Sophie Kinsella book!! Oh, no!

Some more feel good books to read: Lori Foster’s “Sisters of Summer’s End”

(F FOS); Robyn Carr’s “Return to Virgin River” (F LP CAR); “Truly, Madly, Deeply” (F LP KIN) by Karen Kingsbury and two by Jodi Thomas, “The Cowboy Who Saved Christmas” (F THO) and “Breakfast at the Honey Creek Cafe” (F THO).

Then for the manly man, we have a Jack Ryan novel written March Cameron under guidance of Tom Clancy, “Shadow of the Dragon” (F LP CLA). It is number 30 in the series. A Chinese operative has infiltrated the highest level of American Intelligence and President Jack Ryan has no choice but to send John Clark into action to solve the situation. It’s a dangerous gamble (but cue the ominous music) but with John Clark holding the cards,Jack Ryan is all in.

A science fictiony sort of book, Jack Campbell’s “The Lost Fleet Dauntless” (F CAM), its a time of war. After a hundred years of brutal war against the Syndics, the Alliance fleet is marooned deep in enemy territory, demoralized, weakened and desperate to make it home. Their fate rest in the hands of Captain “Black Jack” Geary. And that’s where I’m gonna leave ya hanging!!!

Here is a book of short chapter stories by Patrick F. McManus: “Ruber Legs and White Tail-Hairs” (814.54 MCM). McManus is humorist in the mold of Mark Twain as a storyteller and each of his stories will tickle your funny bone.

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