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CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU to the Comanche Volunteer Fire Department for a great fish fry supper and auction. Folks our department heroes had been up almost all night fighting a fire in Comanche and then in DeLeon. And then they fed what is hoped was a record turnout. The weather was beau…

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God decrees all weather and nature “according to His will...No (man) can stay His hand” (Dan 4:35 KJV). “Fire, hail, snow, vapours, stormy wind fulfilling His word” (Psa 148:8). The Lord Jesus Christ “commandeth...the winds and water, and they obey him” (Luke 8:22-25).

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I would like to offer a few words on behalf of the more mature citizens of Comanche County. I prefer to believe I am not the last person alive who does not spend 23hrs a day with my nose attached to a phone screen, there are many of us who do not. I therefore object to the increasing use of …

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