Hi Comanche Family,

You may wonder why I feel as I do about spaying and neutering our furry friends. It goes back to when I lived in Arizona, and on a group outing in the desert, we came across a female lab mix, dumped, pregnant and in need of help. All fell in love with this sweet dog. My boy Smoky (now passed) came from this wonderful loving female. I hate to think what would have happened to Smoky, his siblings and his mom if we had not found her.

Remember, that cute little puppy or kitten is going to grow and come of age to breed. If we aren’t responsible and fix them, they too can wind up like our desert mom. Smoky, as any pet I have had, was neutered and as any female I have had, spayed.

As much as I love puppies and kittens. I know it best to not let more be born unwanted. Smoky is just one of the reasons I believe in fixing your pets and it prolongs their lives and is better for their health. So please do what you can to do what is best for all.

God Bless Comanche.

Laura Hawkins

Comanche, Texas

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