Dear Editor,

Been getting lots of political ads for the Texas house District 59. Dr. J.D. Sheffield says he is a true conservative. Why then did Texans for Fiscal Responsibilities (a taxpayer advocate group) rank Dr. Sheffield the fifth most liberal in the last 3 sessions?

Now in response to my commentary on the Board for the Appraisal District. Quite perceptive raising the point about Veterans exemption. I doubt any of our representatives, especially Dr. Sheffield, who never met a tax he did not like. But if the exemption influences young folks to consider military service instead of staying home with Mama or worse going to the Communist factories we now refer to as higher education. The majority of the support for a card caring communist, which won him the Democrat I will caucus were College students. I bet you dollars to donuts that if asked what Bicameral was, they would think it should be dipped in chocolate.

Back to the board question. When individuals occupy positions on the board that determines property taxes also serve on the school board that receives these taxes, that’s just plain wrong!

Forest Watham

Comanche, Texas

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