Dear Editor,

The Chief recently published articles by the Appraiser telling us property taxes are messy and complicated, I agree. Material, labor and interest costs of improvements are paid once, property taxes are assessed until doomsday, a big economic drag, absent special treatment from taxing entities, without sweetheart deals few big projects are built in Texas. For example, “green” energy benefits from tax abatement while reliable energy gets none. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, some other states have no personal income tax, others have no sales taxes, all states have property taxes, Texas should outlaw property taxes. The Texas Constitution should be amended: Ad valorem taxes shall be abolished in this state effective on January 1st four years after this amendment is approved by the voters. Taxing goods, services and real property sales would fund state and local government.

I favor suppressing all unlawful votes, the dead, non-citizens, nonresidents, multiple voters, underage voters, unregistered persons, felons who haven’t had their voting rights restored and punishing vote and election fraud severely. In person voting by paper ballot with state issued ID should be the rule, polls open for 7 days, Monday to Saturday the week before election day and election Tuesday, hours 7AM-7PM. Mail ballots allowed for disabled persons and voters who are too distant to vote in person by application with ID required for approval.

If the LAMEstream media had integrity, there wouldn’t be as many fake news stories to be retracted, or all the slander and libel. They would show the triple trip of President* as he climbed (fell up) the stairs to AF1, maybe VP† or Speaker Pelosi greased the steps. They would report truthfully about the unjustified homicide of unarmed Trump supporter, Ashli Babbitt, by an unidentified Capitol Police Officer as she climbed through a broken window in the Capitol Building January 6th. Imagine the riots if Ms. Babbitt was a Black BLM or ANTIFA protester, rather that a White Trump supporter and the Officer was a White man instead of being Black, DC would have burned to the ground.

Brian Ayers, the sarcastic, verbose, genius from Sidney, Texas

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