Dear Editor,

The final score in Peachmint Bowl 2 was 57-43, and like Peachmint Bowl 1, Donald John Trump was acquitted. There are no winners when the Congress abuses power by impeaching a former President or other official. Those who are responsible for this unconstitutional abuse of power must be removed from office! The Maleficent 7, those so called "Republican" Senators are not brave, they are sneaky swamp creatures, members of the Globalists United Party, the little Guppies.

The G. U. P. totally controls the high fenced military occupied aquarium that is The District of Columbia, in the Swamp we have a government of, by and for the Big Fish, the oligarchs who really control the place. The one man who had the power and opportunity to correct the mess on January 6 was Vice President Mike Pence, he turned out to be a Guppy when he failed the nation by counting the unlawfully selected Electors from the 4 states (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) that did not conduct their elections according to law.

All 50 States Legislatures should have to meet in December after every Presidential election for the purpose of finally choosing the Electors from each State. Usually this would be a quick formality approving the results certified by the Secretary of State, if there were any unresolved election challenges at that time those would be ended by the Legislature's determination.

Will the Texas Legislature do anything, other than a few minor changes to fix the electoral dysfunctions in Texas? Maybe, IF we give them enough pressure, contact Senator Buckingham and representative Shelby Slawson and speak your mind! The use of machines to cast and count ballots is an unnecessary and inappropriate use of technology, too much potential for problems, get rid of the machines, hand marked, hand counted paper ballots ONLY!

Brian Ayers

Sidney, Texas

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