As I was reading the recent City Council meeting summary, there were two major issues which upset the local residents: animal shelter and the fire department uproar. Is the responsibility of the elected officials of the City of Comanche to define and write the new agreements being proposed. The city needs to switch over to electronic transfer of funds instead of writing checks.

The rock building was originally built with WPA funds during the 1930s which were federal funds and the building was the City Hall of Comanche. Mr. Medford Stephens gave money which was used to build the large metal structure next to the rock building. If the CVFD wants to build their fire training academy, there is adequate undeveloped land at the far end of East Fleming Street.

Based on comments, the proposed agreement brought to the City Council was handwritten with numerous grammatical errors and very poor syntax. If the CVFD wants the title to the building, the city should require the VFD to assume responsibility for the animal shelter.

In early days, the fire departments had animal mascots: dogs which rode the fire wagons and later the fire trucks.

The CYC announcement concerning the state baseball tournament scheduled here in July spotlights a major need of the City of Comanche: lack of adequate high quality motel rooms and additional hotel rooms. The City Council and Ms. Jacci Stewart of the EDC need to develop proposals to attract another hotel in Comanche ASAP.

With Comanche ISD planning to build the domed gym, more events and playoffs will be scheduled in Comanche. It will be a very poor reflection of our city to force visitors to stay in Brownwood or Stephenville while attending events in Comanche due to failure to provide adequate hotel rooms.

It is time for the City Council to assume the mantle of responsibility to put trivial items aside and hire someone to serve as the City Judge. The city judge can levy fines for traffic violations which will give the city extra funds to repair pot holes in the streets. If you agree with this suggestion of hiring a city judge, let the council members know. They wanted to serve.

Delbert Walters


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